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Does your business need a bookkeeper?


Are you struggling to keep your head above water when it comes to paperwork?  Would you rather free your limited time to focus on your core business?  The answer is simple.  Put your faith in us to produce accurate & timely financials to help you take control of your business.  After all isn't one of the reasons you are self employed so that you can control your life?

DBS provides a team of highly qualified, and experienced, professionals with extensive experience in business services.  The team produces timely and accurate services thus allowing business owner the freedom to concentrate on growing their business instead of drowning in paperwork.  


We give clients peace of mind that they have complied with all statutory obligations.  By working with DBS your business will avoid costly error!

By engaging our services your business will benefit form our 20+ years experience.

DBS can tailor service packages to suit each business.  We can provide on-site personnel or work remotely using the latest cloud based software service.

It is our goal to provide a complete business solution for clients.

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